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Summer Street Styles workshop with The Mes[s] – August 2024

DANCE PERFECT Studios Hip-Hop competition team The Mes(s) organizes from August 26 to 30, 2024 street styles summer workshop for all enthusiast from 12 to 16 years of age.
From Monday to Friday, three 90-minute lessons per day with first-class external lecturers and studio tutors + accompanying program.

Národní 25, Prague 1 – Metro Palace, D stairs.

Workshop Term
August 26. – 30, 2024 (Mon–Fri) from 10:00 to 16:15

Who is the workshop for
The workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate young dancers from the age of 12 who are interested in Street Dance related styles.
Upon successful completion of the workshop, those interested can become members of the competition team The Mes(s) of the DANCE PERFECT Studio.

Participants will have a total of three 90-minute lessons a day and special workshop program – dance battles and choreo presentations.

Workshop application
The application form you will find here. Please, fill in as electronic-* or as a printed form (filled in, scanned and sent) to info@danceperfect.cz or hand it to the reception desk.
You can also sign up by a phone number +420 221 085 260 or +420 602 558 339 (studio’s office, Mon-Thu from 10 to 16).
* If you are not owner of the digital signature, leave the signature field blank and sign the printed application form we will prepared for you on the first day of the workshop.

Workshop fee
CZK 5.200

Workshop payment
In cash or by card upon handover of application at the reception desk or by bank transfer. With confirmation of your application we will provide to you the necessary data for bank transfer payment incl. QR code.
Please, note: it is not possible to use Sodexo, Edenred, Benefit Plus, Benefit and other vouchers for the Hip-Hop Workshop payment.

Scope of teaching
Five days, three 90minute lessons a day + a special workshop program (dance battles, choreo presentations). The workshop fee also includes five lunch meals in “U medvídků“ restaurant, next to the studio.

Daily timetable
• 10:00-11:30 lesson I
• 11:30-13:00 lunch break
• 13:00-14:30 lesson II
• 14:45-16:15 lesson III
Plus on Friday, Aug 30 at 17:00 Choreo presentations as a special program.

Workshop teachers

Anna Kašparová – teacher, dancer, artist.
Since 2011, she has been engaged in Street Dance. She has always gravitated towards freestyle- and underground styles, which she is currently working on. She was placed on 2nd place at the International Illest Battle 2022 – Female Dancers category. Since 2019, he has been a member of the French dance movement FAM – Street Ish (led by the French dancer Junior Tight Eyez) where he works under the stage name Lady Street Ish. He participates in world battles and dance workshops (France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, etc.)
He focuses mainly on the KRUMP style which she will be teaching in the workshop.

Rozálie Tarczalová – Member of the professional competition team and lecturing team in the Fantasy Dance Studio dance school. With this team she has repeatedly achieved the title of the champion of Bohemia and champion of the Czech Republic and she was the absolute winner of the European championship.
She will be teaching Funk Pop and Hip Hop in the workshop.

Mikaela – teacher, dancer, choreographer
He has been involved in Dancehall for 10 years. He has teaching experience from various dance schools. She founded the Dancehall component Sunflavas at the Vivid Dance Company dance school and has been conducting her own open Dancehall lessons and High Heels workshops since 2024. He collaborates with choreographers such as Galen Hooks, Zizoe, Wahe, Divize, Dominika Dee Červinková, Anet Antošová, Mirek Kosík, Anička Šitnerová, Kuba Dvořák and with interpreters Sean Paul, Ben Cristovao, Adam Pavlovčin, Ludmilla, Nico Santos, Justin Jesso, Nobody Listen, MYDY, Ektor, Lucie Bílá, Jiří Korn.
She will be teaching Dancehall in the workshop.

Vojta Rak, Dance Perfect – member of a renowned ensemble 420people, dancer and teacher of Contemporary Dance and classical dance will lead the lessons of dance acrobatics, where participants will gain the fundamentals of agility and flexibility necessary for their dance styles.