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Pre-sale of tickets for DANCE PERFCET studio courses performance

Starting Monday, May 23, 2022, tickets pre-sale will start for this year's final performances of the courses your children are attending, performances by the Hip Hop The Mes(s), competition team, the DOT504 Junior Dance Ensemble, and other courses.
The performances will take place at the IMAGE Theatre on Monday, June 27 and on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. The theatre is located at the same address as our studio – in the Metro Palace passage at Národní 25.

Advance ticket sales for both evenings are available electronically at this address of IMAGE Theatre or at the theatre box office.
Ticket price: unified flat-rate admission 250 CZK. Children under 3 years old: free entry without own seat.

When does your child rehearse for their performance?

The rehearsal schedule for each course on the given days can be found here:
- schedule of performing courses on June 27 & 28, 2022
The red column in the schedule makes it easy to find your course by day and time.

And when is your course performing?

The programme for both evenings can be found here:
- Evening programme - Monday June 27, 2022
- Evening programme - Tuesday June 28, 2022

Important instructions for you and your friends!

Help us create a wonderful evening for your children.
Please respect the fact that you are not allowed to leave the auditorium during the performance. Only the intermission is for that purpose.
Don't worry, your children are well taken care of backstage and you will be able to pick them up comfortably during the intermission, which is long enough.
Leaving the auditorium during other performances is a major distraction to others and stresses the performing children. The reverse is also true – entering the hall late is equally disruptive and stressful for other audience members and performers.
We believe that by following the above guidelines, we will provide your children with unforgettable evening.

For further information regarding performance rehearsals, organisation of the evening, etc., please contact your course tutor or the studio reception desk.

You can watch recordings of the last performances in 2019 at the Salesians Theatre before covid restrictions here.