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Make your friends and loved ones (and yourself as well) happy.

Make those special ones in your life happy by giving them a tailor-made present to suit their leisure time activity interests. Buy a Gift Voucher from our dance studio for a dance course or for any of the Open Class lessons they love.

Various dance styles, Pilates lessons, PortDeBras, Total Barre, Zumba, 80's, ballet and more are at your disposal.

A personalised Gift Voucher - an original present available from our studio - can be purchased to use for a specific product (a course or a certain number of Open Class lessons, etc.) or for up to a certain value in money. The person you give the gift to be then free to choose from the various courses or activities the studio has to offer. Should you wish, we can print the Gift Voucher on glossy photo paper personalised with the recipient's name or we can simply issue a general voucher without a specific name on it.*)

Our receptionists will be happy to help you choose a suitable course or Open Class lessons, or contact our office. We will help you choose the most suitable option according to the recipient's preferences.

To obtain the Gift Voucher you simply pay the agreed amount, the course price or a pass for a certain number of lessons in cash, by card, bank transfer, or by using accepted fitness vouchers or benefit points. You can obtain the general Gift Voucher immediately or the personalised one after we have prepared it.

For more information about the Gift Voucher, call the studio office (phone number: 221 085 260, 602 558 339) or the studio reception (phone number: 221 085 269, 602 718 466). You can also visit the studio reception in person.

*) Please note that personalised Gift Voucher will be available within one day.