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Králík David

Králík David

Teacher, dancer, choreographer

Education & practice

Graduated from the Duncan Centre Conservatory - DiS. (2021). He studied contemporary dance for six months at the University of Stavanger in Norway, which led him to study with David Zambrano and his interest in his approach to dance.

He is active in the field of contemporary dance and dance theatre. He is a long-time member of the Light Dance Studio, a professional dance-theatre company for children's audiences, and is involved in choreography, performance and teaching.

He teaches dance classes at Tep 39 and Ponec Theatre.

He is involved in original dance work within the SPOLK group (e.g. the production and short dance film S dovolením!, the productions The Miners and Extraordinary).

He choreographed Ondřej Vavrečka's film 1+1+1.

As a performer, he has recently collaborated on Vera Ondrašíková's Witness (Czech Dance Platform 2022 Audience Award) and Stories (Witness), Marta Vodenková's Seven Deadly Sins (Prague State Opera), Pulsar + SPOLK's Absolutely Unacceptable Vol. II.

In the past he has also collaborated with:
Jiří Bartovanec: Kreatur (Sasha Waltz), 2020
Miroslav Bambušek: Traces of the Strays, 2018
Michal Záhora: Celebration, 2018
Prague Improvisation Orchestra: No One Alerted You, 2022
Crew Collective: After Belt 11, 2021
National Theatre: Turandot, 2022

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