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Street Dance

Street Dance


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A style that is a synthesis of older dance forms formed by development of music. In Street Dance we distinguish old school and new school. Old school includes styles such as Hype, Lockin, Poppin, Break – dance styles with great energy, fast paces, plenty of different jumps. New school is primarily Hip Hop, reflecting slower-paced and calmer music, looser paces and the so-called New Style, reacting to further electronization of the sound of music.

It is up to each teacher which styles he/she uses. Street Dance is a very popular one, accentuating Hip Hop and Video Dance - teaching is based on variations from video clips.

Street Dance is for all ages of children. Its degree of difficulty of teaching can be well adapted [to various levels]. We dance to Hip Hop music, Funky, R’n’B or soul music.

In the lessons you will learn – after the initial warm-up – the basic elements and steps and how to join them in dance variations, you will work on improving movement coordination, on isolating movements of individual parts of the body and how to relax them through stretching. In the second part of the lesson you will work on the creation of a specific dance choreography.

Street Dance emphasizes the development of dance expression, movement memory and overall body flexibility and fitness. Everyone can complete their own dance image and experience a unique feeling of relaxation and happiness.

Recommended outfit: sportswear and indoor sport shoes with light soles.