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Street Choreo

Street Choreo


The Street Choreo lesson works with Street Dance techniques that will be taught in each lesson. At the same time we will also create choreography or simple movement sequences.

Street Dance originated in the USA and contains a variety of sub-styles. One of the most important is Hip Hop style. It is danced to Hip Hop-, R'n'B-, Soul-, Rap- or Drill music and others. To this basic style we will gradually add other techniques – House, Krump, Experimental, etc. In each lesson we will always learn a new short choreo and enjoy it together. During the lessons we can focus more on an individual approach, analyse carefully the technique of each step, repeat more often, which will make the learning of single choreos much easier.

The magic of Choreo lessons lies in the ability to use the best possible movement sequences learned at a given moment. Choreo isn't too much about refined technique but about using the movement at the right time in the right way. Some techniques will be discussed in more depth but the lessons will focus mainly on practicing short choreos and its optimal interpretation. The moods of the choreos will vary from Hip Hop or R'n'B to more popular music. We will alternate between more masculine and feminine style of movement. Here, every dancer can discover the right one for themselves.

Stretching your body, enjoying great moments and throwing away daily worries are additional benefits of these lessons.