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An exercise system aimed at strengthening the muscles of the whole body designed so that everyone can practice it irrespective of their age. Pilates focuses, in particular, on strengthening the deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. Strengthening the deep abdominal muscles supporting the spine translates into less spine strain and into general wellness benefits. Pilates emphasizes quality and correctness of movement. Proper breathing, mental concentration, movement control, smoothness and perfection are the objectives you can work on for years if you find a good Pilates instructor.
Our recommendation: to maximise the effects of exercise combine Pilates with a dance course. Pilates will help strengthening all of your muscles while dance will help you burn off excessive calories. Combining a Pilates and a dance class once a week each will multiply the positive effects and lead to surprisingly good body shaping results. Professional dancers who need effective training solutions often combine dance with Pilates.