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Musical Dance

Musical Dance


Jazz & Musical or Broadway Style (in the US) or Theatre jazz (in the UK) is a kind of Jazz Dance adapted for theatre needs. It refers to classical dance technique (typical positions of legs and hands). Typical examples of Musical Dance are "Chicago", "A Chorus Line" or "All That Jazz".

It draws on musical works or jazz. The difference from Jazz Dance is a great degree of acting for character.

Musical Dance lessons practice – after basic warm-up and stretching – technique elements like posture, position and leg- and handwork, spins and jumps with which Musical Dance works like Jazz Dance. This is followed by teaching a specific choreography with its typical elements. Typical for this style is working with props – a hat, a stick, an umbrella. Sometimes the props are only imaginary, indicated only by gestures.

Musical Dance is a good choice for anyone who likes musicals culture and theatre in general. It is, however, also a good means of movement preparation for beginning actors or singers.

Don't forget: Life seems much more bearable if we take it as a musical!