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Modern Jazz

Modern Jazz


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Modern Jazz combines Jazz Dance with more relaxed Contemporary Dance techniques. There is more floorwork (rollovers, contractions, lifts, falls). Expression, sharing feelings and moods given by the music or theme of the choreography are important elements.

Jazz part of the lesson starts with a warm-up made of various relaxation techniques practiced on the floor. This is followed by training of isolated movements and dynamics – the basic elements of Jazz. They are then followed by footwork – relevé, plie and spins. The steps are then sequenced and paced in space and later combined with jumps. The final part of the lesson works with all the studied elements in the creation of choreography.

Modern Jazz is suitable for those who like jazz music and music of musicals and – at the same time – there is fluency of expressiveness and the intense experience of Contemporary Dance.

Our tip: when you combine Modern Jazz and Street Dance, your dance progress will be much faster.