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Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance

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Jazz Dance is not just a dance we know from Hollywood movies like Chorus Line and All That Jazz. Jazz is now danced to both typical jazz music and House, R’n’B or Pop music.

Jazz Dance is simpler than the new styles of R’n’B, Hip Hop and others. It, however, uses many elements of classical dance techniques – especially those from ballet. Jazz is characterized by great, extreme dynamics, isolated movements of individual parts of the body and improvised passages that react immediately to music.

The lesson begins with a warm-up of various relaxation techniques practiced mainly on the floor. This is followed by training of isolated movements and dynamics – the basic elements of Jazz. They are then followed by footwork – relevé, plie and spins. The steps are then sequenced and paced in space and later combined with jumps. The final part of the lesson then works with all the studied elements in the creation of choreography.

Our tip: When you combine Jazz and Street Dance, your dance progress will be much faster.