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High Heels Fusion

High Heels Fusion

High Heels Fusion is a street dance style performed on heels. As the name suggests, it is a mix of different dance styles with an emphasis on femininity. Tereza Pokorná, who teaches this style, likes freedom of movement, but also the dancers' interactions with music and their expression of emotions.

The class starts with a warm-up or rehearsal of technical elements, continues with stretching which is followed by work on choreography. You will learn how to walk and dance in heels, how to express your emotions through movement, feel confident, work with expression and possibly with a camera.

What to wear
Come to class dressed to feel comfortable. If you like, you can play with your outfit and make-up but it is not a requirement. Ideally, wear shoes with a narrow heel, without a platform, to prevent smudges on the dance floor. The lesson is suitable for everyone from 15-year-olds and over.