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Courses and lessons for adults



beginners, intermediates I and II, advanced

The course does not aim to educate professional dancers, but to enable ordinary people to benefit from the effects of ballet technique on their health.

Ballet lessons for beginners focus on teaching ballet elements at the ballet bar, which are then transferred to the free space. They learn individual ballet positions and basic terms such as plie, relevé, battement tendu and others. The lessons include teaching simple pirouettes and basic jumps.

The lessons for intermediate and advanced also include the teaching of more complex turns and pirouettes on or off the spot, as well as coordination-intensive small and large jumps. Throughout the lesson, emphasis is placed on the development of strength, plasticity, conscious work with the body and dance expression.

To feel like a classical ballet dancer is not only a question of performance for the participants, but especially a question of their mental state and peace of mind that ballet can induce in them, despite its difficulty. Ballet basics can be used in any dance technique, in any type of dance - from ballroom to current dance styles.

Ballet has a beneficial effect on strengthening the body, especially those muscle groups, which are not activated during normal exercises – various intercostal, back-, small abdominal-, buttock- and neck muscles, used for proper posture. Like any other dance technique, ballet contributes to improving movement coordination, a sense of balance and rhythm.

Recommended dancewear: soft ballet shoes, comfortable sportswear.