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90's Style

90's Style

Open Class

Do you like the music and atmosphere of the 90s? Our 90's Style lesson gives you the chance to immerse yourself fully in the period you liked. The time when you slowly left discmans and burned CDs and downloaded the first MP3 to your new iPods and iRivers.

Lucie Horčičková, a teacher of 90's Style, draws inspiration from the music of Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, Fun Factory, Mr. President, Spice Girls, Britney, Real McCoy, Dr. Alban, 2 Unlimited, East 17, Worlds Apart, Marky Mark and many others. Are you looking forward? Then remind yourself of some episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose Place on YouTube to make the mood perfect.

Lessons do not aim to teach pure and exact dance techniques. It will teach you a specific step variation, a motion linkage or choreos that you can use wherever the music of the nineties is played. Or with the music of the nineties, you can just relax beautifully at the lesson and recall the atmosphere of that period.

Lucie Horčičková uniquely mixes individual styles of nineties with her own originality, also inspired by hip hop culture. Despite the authentic style, you won't feel like you're dancing something what’s long gone and belonging to a museum. Lucie Horčičková's lessons are characterized by drive and tempo.

Your gear
Sportswear that makes you feel good – leggings or loose trousers, a t-shirt, sports indoor no-tracing shoes. If you can finish your gear with 90s outfit, it will be perfect!