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MTV Style

MTV Style

12-16 year-olds

Style generally based on Hip Hop and its new style. It is mainly inspired by pop culture and its products – video clips from MTV or Video Dance, built mainly for show and maximum spectacle. Extreme emphasis is placed on the visual style, overall image, perfection of clothes, colours, refined style, ubiquitous temptation and perfect technique. That is why MTV Style is danced on high heels too. Gay-culture inspiration is also characteristic. No stylistic boundaries here are insurmountable.

Important for MTV Style is the teacher who chooses the style and inspiration for teaching according to his/her preferences. Teaching leads the participants to form their own image, teaches the correct perception of music, shows them direction and leads them to freedom in their own dance expression.

MTV Style is more demanding than Hip Hop it is based on. It uses more dance techniques, which are more demanding. The usual parts of the warm-up coupled with short choreography and stretching are replaced by training of choreographies. These are more ”sexy“ in MTV Style – everything is based on a perfect image. Choreography must make sense and express specific music, lyrics, artist's personality or a theme.

Recommended outfit: sportswear and indoor sporting shoes with light soles.