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Contemporary Dance

Contemporary Dance

10-14 & 12-16 years old

beginners, intermediate

Contemporary Dance combines ballet and modern dance techniques by its founders like Martha Graham, José Limón, Merce Cunningham and their followers further developing their legacy.

Contemporary dance style subordinates various dance techniques, dance expression and dancer personality to the main idea of the given choreography expressing either a certain action or mood determined by the artist's imagination or musical theme.

Contemporary Dance technique respects natural body lines, flow and nature of movement. Characteristic for this style is a large degree of abstraction in dance movements and overall expression.

Great attention is paid to floorwork, transitions from standing to the floor and vice versa, jumps combined with rollovers as well as teaching solo or couple improvisations that are an integral part of the style.

In Contemporary Dance, the ability of the dancer to express the mood of the dance and the intense experience of movement and music are important.