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Latino Dancre

Latino Dancre

kids 8 to 12 year olds

In many dance movies, it is popular to pit Latin and street dance against each other. In the end, however, not only the main characters find out that the combination is just the best and biggest show.

In Latino Dance lessons, we will learn the basic steps of salsa, cha-cha, bachata, jive, cumbie, merengue and samba and their connection in various simple variations.

We will try to tune in to the rhythm and perceive it with the whole body, to move the body so that it expresses the feeling we want. We will learn to respond to changes in the modern style of Latin dance, where different styles are combined. We will discover together how to work with energy and natural expression and, above all, with the feeling that we are dancing easy and with fun.

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Your gear
Sportswear that makes you feel good: leggings or leotard – for girls could be complemented by a short skirt – and t-shirt. Soft dance shoes (with a flexible sole) or jazz shoes.