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Courses for children

FyFi (Fysical Fitness)

FyFi (Fysical Fitness)

Kids 8-15 year olds

Life rarely goes the way we want it to. It throws up many pitfalls and obstacles that we often overcome only with great difficulty. Therefore, it is good to learn to accept the unexpected things at all times prepared, with discernment and calm. But this is only possible if we are prepared for it.

And it's a good idea to start preparing as soon as possible. So teach your children to overcome the challenges, pushings and difficulties of their lives with trained adaptability, resilience and flexibility. This requires mental and physical resilience (which affects the psyche greatly). Teach your children to treat their bodies in a way that prepares them well for life. To treat it in a structured, efficient, effective and reflective way. That's what our FyFi (Fysical Fitness) course is for.

The aim of the course is to improve children's all-round physical and mental abilities in the most entertaining way. To improve their stamina, agility, speed and adaptability so that nothing can surprise them. So that they have enough confidence, insight, agility and physical fitness at all times. All in the form of fun movement games, developing their imagination, movement improvisation and working in pairs or groups.

As a "by-product", children increase their physical fitness and gradually tolerate more physical stress. Posture, range of motion and sense of balance and rhythm will improve and strengthen. Many of the activities in the lessons are done to music. This helps motivation considerably, guides the children, stimulates their imagination and arouses the right emotions.

By participating in FyFi (Fysical Fitness) courses, children can also gain substantial advantages as future dancers or athletes. Whether they choose to dance street styles, break dancing or other dance forms or choose a sport of their preference. In all, fitness will make their lives easier and increase their life chances.