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Hip Hop

Hip Hop

12-16 years old

This dance style is based primarily on street dance, enriched with elements of jazz.

New School is a form of hip-hop dancing, which was developed based on modern music trends in hip-hop. They are late 80s and over 90s began to change shape and develop. With them also changed the style of hip-hop dancing. Dancers appropriated and adapted some elements popping, b-boying, etc. And create your own moves.

Teaching style is a fusion of hip-hop and rhythm base with the choreography, which holds, for example, rhythm and flow of the singer. Music style coupled with education is not the only one; it's a combination of Hip Hop, R'n'B, Pop, House and others. It is a form of dance, inspired by current trends, movies, fashion, etc. The perception of music and texts, work with energy and individuality give this style basics. We can observe the influence of Video Dance, combining MTV Style, R'n'B, L.A. Style, Lyrics, Street Jazz and more.

Teaching Hip Hop helps improve overall physical condition, whether alone dance or the necessary strengthening. Of course there is also improvement in movement memory while learning new movements and choreography.

Lesson consists of a warming-up, teaching choreography, expressing emotion and dancing hub. Lessons baselines are designed for regular candidates intensity is continuously adjusts the level of the majority of dancers.

To improve your performance, to relax and experience the joy of dance in the style that you love – Hip Hop is here for you.

Recommended dancewear: sportswear and non-marking shoes.