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Ballet for children 9-13 year olds

Ballet for children 9-13 year olds


Ballet lessons for kids for beginners focus on teaching individual ballet elements and ballet training. Children learn individual ballet positions facing the ballet bar and the mirror and get acquainted with basic terms such as plié, relevé, battement tendu and others.

Simple ballet exercises transferred from the ballet bar are taught in free space. Work in free space is composed of ballet elements, derived from rhythmic-movement education and requiring coordination and the correct body posture. Part of the lesson is teaching of simple pirouettes and basic jumps.

Ballet lessons for intermediate children include teaching ballet elements, which are usually done sideways to the ballet bar. Emphasis is placed on working in free space, where simple exercises – transferred from the ballet bar – are taught (“en face” and “en epaulement”). Everything is taught in a basic form, gradually in combination with connecting elements. Part of the lesson is the teaching of pirouettes and coordination-intensive jumps.

Gradually, the teaching of more complex turns and pirouettes on or off the spot, as well as coordination-intensive small and large jumps, becomes a part of the lessons. Throughout the lesson, emphasis is placed on the development of strength, plasticity, conscious work with the body and the overall dance expression.

Teaching ballet technique supports children's posture, increases their range of motion, coordination and flexibility.

Dress code:
Girls: body color ballet tights, leotard in pastel color (best w. short sleeves or w. wide shoulder), short wrapped chiffon skirt, body color ballet soft shoes w. ties;
Boys: black or dark grey ballet pants or shorts, white t-shirt w. short sleeves, white socks, white or body colored ballet soft shoes with rubber tie over the instep.

Girls: any girl with long hair must have it neatly secured in a bun or twist with a hair net.
Boys: any boy with hair longer than their neckline need to have it secured in a ponytail.

No jewelry in class other than tiny hoop earrings or stud earrings. No necklaces, rings, watches, or bracelets are allowed.