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Courses for children

Dance Acrobatics

Dance Acrobatics

12-16 year olds

The children's acrobatics course is designed for intermediate students who already have some dance experience. The lessons do not involve practicing spectacular artistic loops, somersaults and similar elements as presented by artists of the new circus, gymnasts, etc.

Children will learn the basics of elements that are suitable and useful in their dance practice, such as falls and roll-over, their perfect mastery and their connection to short choreos, suitable for dance.

Participation in the course already assumes knowledge of the basic elements - rolls, cartwheels, handstands, etc. from which will be continued to be more complex elements.

Teaching takes place both through direct training, explanation of individual parts of the element, as well as through various movement games, training of choreographic sequences, but also by means of music as a stimulating element.

Training of acrobatic elements significantly supports the psychomotor development of children, their physical coordination, spatial orientation, improves concentration and overall improves their physical condition.

The use of acquired acrobatic skills is universal - in sports, in martial arts, in various dance styles - in short, in various kinds of physical activities.