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From Ballet to Zumba, from MTV to Yoga, from Salsa to Contemporary dance, from Musical to Ballroom dance. Dance classes for kids just as Pilates and Total Barre to keep you in shape.
However, what you won't find with us - passion, determination, enjoyment, friendship, desire and adrenaline you can discover nowhere else than in yourself only.
If you desire to experience something sensational and thrilling, look in yourself. We are set on doing all to help you find it. Dancing brings freedom and joy. At least for a while. Let's be grateful for that. 

Your Dance Perfect Studio

Contemporary Dance – Partnering – Yoga. The Best for the End of Summer!

DANCE PERFECT Studio is preparing at the very end of summer from August 28 to September 1, 2023 a workshop for all those interested in contemporary dance, ballet and yoga, who want to discover something new.

Four 90-minute classes a day Monday through Friday will cover Contemporary dance as you may not know it, partnering techniques, yoga and related body care techniques.

Studio news for the season September 2023 - January 2024

Here are some tips on what's new in our studio schedule for the September 2023 season. All the tried and true classes and lessons you love are still running, and we've added some new styles and teachers. Both in the course offerings and in the range of individually accessible Open Class lessons.

Vybavení studia a činnost zaps. spolku Dance Plus podporuje dotačně MČ Praha 1

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